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YX3000 series general purpose frequency inverter

Product Feature
  1. Sensorless vector control with the best low frequency compensation ability;
  2. Designed with special radiator tree and switch power, all of such kinds of new technologies improve the performance;
  3. Several protective technologies and new component have been applied to the circuit, notably improve the anti-interference ability;
  4. Realize the preset frequency, or central frequency adjustable swing frequency function;
  5. Several phases speed operation controlled by build-in PLC or controlling terminal;
  6. Modulation Mode: space vector pulse width modulation SVPWM;
  7. Automatic energy saving operation: automatically optimize V/F curve to save the energy;
  8. Switch input channel: positive and reversal rotation control, 8 channel program switch input, 35 kinds of function;
  9. Strong overload performance: 150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds;
  10. Communication function: RS485 standard communication interface, support ASCII and RTU format MODBUS communication protocol。

Application field
  1. Applied with boiler drum, induced draft fan, coal mine ventilator, etc;
  2. Applied in central air-condition energy saving optimization, air compressor energy saving renovation, music fountain, etc;
  3. Applied with water circulating pump, water supply pump, clear water pump, sewage pump, purification pump, constant pressure water supply, oilfield water injection pump, oil pump, etc;
  4. Applied with mine conveyer, coal feeder, mixer, pulverizer, converter, blast furnace, etc;
  5. Applied with extruder, bottle blowing machine, film blowing machine, film conveying belt, centrifugal separator, compressor, sprayer, etc。


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