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YX3000 mini series sensorless vector frequency inverter

Product  Feature
  1. High performance without a sense vector control with good low frequency torque;
  2. Standard RS485 communication interface, support MOD BUS communication protocol;
  3. High performance V/F control algorithm with several kinds of V/F curve;
  4. Small size, light weight, strong function, stable performance and easy to use;
  5. Flexible and easy use design, simple installation and commissioning steps;
  6. Application field;
  7. Suitable for OEM application;
  8. Widely deployed in machinery industry, textile industry, package industry, printing industry and pharmacy industry, etc. 

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Address:6/F,6/B, Zhongyuntai Tech-Park, Shiyan Street, Baoan District ,Shenzhen, China
Tel:0086 755-26523920      Fax:0086 755-26443893Turn8018