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The application with wire drawing machine

The requested feature:
The vector control frequency inverter is necessary for this application, which request super-strong torque under low frequency, excellent dynamic characteristics, stability and accuracy, precisely PID algorithm, to commit with the stable operation under full speed range.

Linear wire drawing machine controlling solution
A.  The control between each step is feed forward PID, the major speed is calculated by metal liquid flow before and behind, PID provides the calculating parameter, the speed is decided by and inner frequency inverter which quick response, low cost and easy to run.
B.  By controlling the torque between each step, precisely distribute the torque flow to each frequency inverter in order to realize tension free lever arm system. It’s to simplify the mechanical design to reduce the system operating cost.
C.  The receiving line part takes use of PID feedback method, through changing the pressure parameter of swing art to adjust the real tension of the line.
D.  The system logical control is realized by PLD.

Wire laying frame solution
A.  YX3000/YX8000 frequency inverter could be combined in various situations to realize different kinds of frequency resource. There are several kinds of combination options of main frequency resource and its backup, and easily realize the switch between the main and backup.
B.  Since open loop vector control has been applied, CCI comes from before class, and assistant index comes from PID, in order to realize dual adjust and quick response.

Dual frequency inverter with wire drawing machine system solution
A.  The receiving line control takes use of real time calculation of roll diameter, through the changing of roll diameter to adjust feed forward amount, in order to realize the precise feed forward amount. PID adjusting amount could be minimized to improve the system stability.
B.  Various input and output control logic could commit with the different kinds of interface which requested by outer control. The whole system could be simplified and more reliable. 

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