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The application in textile industry

YX3000/YX8000 both support several speed cascade synchronization model. There are analog amount input and output, pulse array input and output, and field bus communication. Frequency set has rich calculation and assistant amount compensation function, which could satisfy different customer and application condition.
Yuanxin frequency inverter equipped with type S accelerating and decelerating curve function, YX3000/YX8000 could provide rated torque even working with 0.21Hz, which could guarantee the machine start smoothly. And also can make a stable brake by braking resistor energy consumption control and DC power braking.
Yuanxin frequency inverter has 16 or 8 pieces build-in frequency parameter, which let switching possible through outer terminal or inner PLC order.
Yuanxin frequency inverter integrated textile industrial special designed swing frequency function. The central frequency and triangle wave could be re-set, and which could also work with the build-in PLC or close loop control function.
YX3000/YX8000 all designed with one build-in counter. When the counter reached one certain amount, the alarm could be power on or braking order could come into force.
Torque response time of YX3000/YX8000 close loop control is less than 100ms. And servo frequency inverter is on the roadmap.
YX3000/YX8000 could be equipped with one special purpose software package, which can calculate the roll diameter, inertia, and tension of textile cloth, easily realize the rolling tension control system.
Yuanxin frequency inverter designed with DC bus terminal, which could connect with protector conveniently, realize public DC balancing bus solution.

The system requirement
◆Since clean steel and dyeing and finishing line are working by multi-motor cascade, which request synchronized speed.
◆Equipments, such as carding, roving, spinning, request smooth starting and sudden braking.
◆Spinning machinery requests multi-stage speed.
◆Equipments, such as roving, spinning, rotor spinning and winder, request swing frequency
◆Equipments, such as single spindle winder, knitting machine, warping machine, request automatic stop function when failure happened or full spin happened
◆Drawing frame request changing the speed of needle roland machine according to the thickness signal of the cloth
◆Equipments, such as sizing machine, batch dyeing machine and printing machine, request big speed adjusting range, and the tension should be fixed.
◆The whole chemical fiber production line and dealing line after dyeing and finishing machine, request public DC bus solution, in order to save braking resistor and energy consumption.

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