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The application in cement industry

The places where to deploy frequency inverter in cement industry
Every position where three phase AC motor deployed one frequency inverter is needed. For example, in the new dry-process cement production line, accompanying with limestone feeding machine, stacker recycler,  walking trolley, Caesar feed belt, raw meal proportioning speed-regulating belt scale, raw mill separator, rotary kiln, cement proportioning speed-regulating belt scale, cement mill separator, dryer machine, package rotating frame, wind motor, recycle water valve, etc. Since all these machines cause big impact and load which damage the system and waist the energy, frequency inverter help to guarantee the safety and stability of the system.

Superiority of Yuanxin frequency inverter
◆Commit with the technology request of frequency speed-regulating range over 10:1, normally under 10:1 is acceptable in cement industry
◆The introduction of inverter improve the centralized control, increase the automatic management level. Yuanxin inverter equipped with communication interface and special designed adapter, which make the possibility of centralized surveillance, greatly reduce the amount of maintenance engineer and save the maintenance fee.
◆U/f characteristics control energy saving order is necessary to the water valve and wind motor. When load feature is square torque, frequency inverter select the relating characteristic and output lower volt than that in normal frequency, this is why it’s saving energy.
◆Reducing the output volt according to the load condition
◆Various frequency resources combination and several analog quantity output, which make the deployment flexible.
◆High energy saving performance reaches great amount benefit.

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