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The application with CNC machine tools

The technical request by CNC machine tools
◆Strong torque under lower frequency
◆Sooner response of dynamic torque, higher precision by stable speed
◆Sooner deceleration and stop
◆Various request on frequency order and operation order
The following picture shows one case of YX8000 high performance vector frequency inverter applied to CNC machine tools. The system consists of:
YX8000 high performance vector frequency inverter-5.5G/7.5P
Braking motor 100Ω/520W
5.5kw speed adjust motor CNC machine tool

The excellent performance of frequency inverter
◆By taking use of advanced magnetic flux control algorithm, realized the real zero speed sensor vector control. Too much improve the controlling performance compared with traditional V/F control.
◆Bigger starting vector, 0.21Hz/150%
◆Carrier frequency range 0-14kHz, self-adjusting according to temperature and load
◆By providing standard 0-10V/0(4)-20mA analog quantity interface, comparable with all kinds of CNC machine tools, good generality performance.
◆Strong overload performance, tolerance 150% rated current for one minute
◆Providing multi-function output terminal signal, such as failure signal, operational signal, speed reaching signal, supervising the speed of main shaft。

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