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YX3400 Series

Technical Features 
  1. Five kinds of operation modes accompanying the operation of tubular pile machine;
  2. Flexibly changing operation modes is available through control terminals;
  3. Supporting 4 kinds of operating frequency setup and 4 options of starting up duration;
  4. Three wire system terminals are available for starting setup of inverter;
  5. YX3400 has a special designed function which is against instantaneous power outage avoiding the system operation failure;
  6. YX3400 has been equipped with RS485 communication interface, which support MODBUS protocol with ASCII and RTU forms;
  7. YX3400’s control modes includes V/F control, and sensor-less vector control, while in the sensor-less vector control mode, the torque is strong enough at low frequency for even a tough application situation;
  8. Internal brake unit has been deployed, and the braking resister can be connected outside for a quick stop;
  9. Supports starting and stopping DC brake;
  10. YX3400 is Equipped with jump frequency control, which prevents mechanical resonance and makes the system more stable and reliable;
  11. YX3400 is designed with the central frequency switch function, which let the end user to fix the central frequency while it is necessary。
YX3400 Series special frequency inverter for tubular pile machine is specially designed for the very tough application environment.

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